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In Process Industrial Plants, Risk Reduction is the Goal: a simple evaluation proves that the value of risk of a fluid release in a pipeline is directly related to probability of the accident.

Flanges are sealed together to avoid outcome of fluid, however variables involved in effective tightness are multiple, stating appropriate material selection has been performed:

  1. TORQUE: precise and accurate torque on bolts applied by operators: operators should understand and strictly follow guidelines for bolt torque
  2. ALIGNEMENT: a percentage of flanges result generally not aligned with the counter flanges.
  3. THERMAL CYCLES: operational temperatures for processes can be really high 300°C (580°F), but after the maintenance shutdown (cold cycle) leakages may occur.
  4. THERMAL ELONGATION OF BOLTS: metallurgists are always studying new alloys to limit permanent deformation of bolts due to higher temperatures (sometimes GR600 alloys are not enough).
  5. CORROSION: some fluids show a very high corrosion rate which needs to be contained by passivation of gases or vapors.

Chemical Fluids in contact with human organism could generate irreparable damages.
Environmental consequences for chemical substances releases are really costly.


Even if the probability of such event is low, consequences can be catastrophic in terms of human casualties, down-time, insurance prizes and environmental issues.
Safety Spray Shields are cost effective solutions studied to minimize consequences in the event of pipeline spray-out. These can happen on flanges, valves, expansion joints or any other part of a process line.
Safety guards are predefined covers to be installed on existing pipe parts during maintenance works, plant modification or even during operation so that, in the unattended event of fluid release, a shielding is provided to avoid high pressure spray or even toxic leaking. This can be aimed only with a certified strength and a full chemical compatibility.
Our Safety Shields TECHNOSHIELDS are tested and certified to mitigate effects of a leakage.

The main advantages if Safety Spray Shields Technoshields are:
  • Can be installed directly on pipes
  • Do not need Plant Shut Down
  • Do not need modification of piping layout
  • Can be easily adapted to interferences

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